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Investment boutique helping clients to invest A small part of its capital (not more than 3%) in the most compact, liquid and reliable financial instrument - precious stones that are easily and conveniently stored, transported between borders and which also protect their owners from foreign exchange and country risks.


The royal families of Qatar, Bahrain, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, as well as large businessmen, investment funds, ready to buy precious stones today only at the wholesale jewelry market prices.

Market of precious stones

The size of the world market of precious stones and products from them at wholesale prices makes 55% from all sales of jewellerу industry

80 bn $/year

The Russian market of colored gemstones is about 1% of the world market, but it shows the highest growth dynamics

World market of colored gems and ornaments

10 bn $/year

Market of diamonds and ornaments with their use

70 bn $/year
Emeralds 2.4 BN $/YEAR
Sapphires 2.4 BN $/YEAR
Rubies 4.4 BN $/YEAR

Dynamics of growth in prices for diamonds

It can be seen from the graph that the index of colored diamonds has increased almost 9 times over the past 20 years, which is the highest among all assets. Although the stock index outpaced the growth of colored diamonds before the crisis of 2008, he was unable to maintain the previous dynamics.

Annual price increase in the world market of colored precious stones

6 - 8%
Index for colored diamonds and stones from Maximilian London
Gold index
Share Index
Index of government bonds
Real estate index
Index of deposits
Inflation index
Source: Own compilation based on data:
Financial Times 2016, Rappaport 2016, Wall Street Journal 2016,
Wall Street Journal 2016, Bloomberg 2016, Damodaran 2016

Methods for valuing precious stones

The company Maximilian London works only with reputable world-famous gemological laboratories

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